Hydejack's New Design

This post introduces Hydejack’s now background image, color palette and logo.

While v7 brings an [insane amount of new stuff]({{ site.baseurl }}/CHANGELOG/#v700), the most notable change is the new background image. It is no longer *anti-selling* the theme. The old image was a blurred version of Napoleon Bonaparte, which was just... weird. I could tell the story of how this came to be, but I'd rather show you the new and improved background image. ## New background image Yes, it's an aerial shot of a beach ([so hot right now](https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ios+11+background&t=ffab&iax=images&ia=images)). ![Hydejack's background image]({{ site.baseurl }}/assets/img/blog/caleb-george.jpg){:data-width="1920" data-height="1200"} Hydejack's new background image. {:.figure} Q: What has this picture to do with Hydejack? Nothing really, I just like how it looks. However: Boat → Pirates → Hijacking → Hydejack (illuminati confirmed) Even though it is a free image from [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/) (...), it's unique in the sense that I've modified it so it looks better inside the sidebar. Specifically, I've straightened out the beach and rotated the boat so that it sits at a nice 90 degree angle. For comparison, here is the non-euclidean mess the [original photo](https://unsplash.com/photos/AtvuPUenaeI) was. Pretty OCD, I know. ![Original photo]({{ site.baseurl }}/assets/img/blog/caleb-george-old.jpg){:data-width="1920" data-height="1200"} The original photo before it was "straightened out" by applying Photoshop magic. {:.figure} ## New color palette I've extracted the major colors from the background image, which now form Hydejack's color palette: ![Hydejacks's color palette]({{ site.baseurl }}/assets/img/blog/COLOURlovers.com-Hydejack.png){:style="border: 1px solid var(--border-color)" data-width="1024" data-height="200"} ## New logo Hydejack also has a new logo, which is based on the new color palette. It also features the best font on Google Fonts, and probably the world: [Roboto Slab](https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Roboto+Slab) (which is to say, I like it a lot). ![Hydejack's logo]({{ site.baseurl }}/assets/icons/icon.png){:data-width="192" data-height="192"} [^1]: I should mention that these are only default values. Hydejack let's you choose your own. For inspiration, I've recently added [a gallery]({{ site.baseurl }}/projects/) to the site that shows a few variations of the theme.

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